Equipment and learning resources

Classrooms and Facilities

1. Teaching facilities at present include Maker Space, Seminar Room 1, Seminar Room 2, Seminar Room 4, Human Resource Development Seminar Room 1, Human Resource Development Seminar Room 2, CAD Lab, Media Design Lab, e-Learning Lab, Electrical Lab, General Lab., Creativity-in-Action Lab. , Computer Lab. ,Metal Arts LAB, Electronics Lab, Graduate Study Room 1, Graduate Study Room 2, Graduate Study Room 3, and Project Study Room. Other facilities are shared with the Department of Industrial Education, including woodwork lab, foundry lab, automotive lab, sheet metalwork lab and mechanical drawing room. In addition, the facilities and labs are well-equipped with computer networks to promote teaching and learning for faculties and students.

2. Each classroom and lab is equipped with multimedia and audio-visual facilities including LCD projects, DVD player to promote multimedia instructions.

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