Guest Lecturer

Lman Chu

Company: BiiLabs

Job title: CEO

Expertise: Blockchain



Eric C. Lee

Company: Delta Electronics, Inc.

Job title: HR Manager

Expertise: Human Resource Information System (HRIS) / Data Analytics



Ellen Lee

Company: Development Dimensions International Asia/Pacific International, Ltd.

Job title: Managing Director (Taiwan)

Expertise: Talent Assessment / Leadership / Competency Management



Fiona Lee

Company: EY Advisory Services Inc.

Job title: Senior Manager

Expertise: Human Resource Information System (HRIS)/ Project Management



Peter Lee

Company: CTBC Bank Co., Ltd.

Job title: HR Vice President

Expertise: Talent Management / Corporate University



Charles Lee

Company: Comphy Plus Co., Ltd.

Job title: CEO

Expertise: e-Commerce & e-Marketing / Startup Talent Management



Bruce Lin

Company: vine managerment consulting

Job title: CEO

Expertise: General Management



April Lin

Company: Stretch your HR Expertise

Job title: Co-Founder

Expertise: Cross-strait Human Resource Managemen



Chunhung Lin

Company: 104 Human Resource College

Job title: Vice President

Expertise: Human Resouece Management



Hank Lin

Company: Timing International Co.,Ltd.

Job title: Chairman

Expertise: Internet Services and Social Networks



Rick Ko

Company: Talent Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

Job title: CEO

Expertise:  Peer Advisory Group / Organizational Diagnosis



Jack Wu


Job title: Executive Coach

Expertise: Corporate Training



Jade Shi

Company: Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor

Job title: Deputy Minister

Expertise: Human Resource Development / Vocational Training / Employment Service / Employment Safety and Regulation



Suzanne Hung

Company: High Tech Computer Co.,Ltd.

Job title: HR Director

Expertise: Career Development



Kuo-En Hung

Company: Phoenix Interactive Co., Ltd.

Job title: CEO

Expertise: Machine Learning / Database / Video Processing



Linus Chang

Company: Gamania Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Job title: HR Director

Expertise: Workplace Management / Human Resource Business Partner


Georg Yang

Company: aEnrich Technology Corporation

Job title: President

Expertise: Digital Talent Development System



Hanes Yang

Company: New Wide Enterprise CO., Ltd.

Job title: Assistant Vice President

Expertise: Strategic Human Resource Management / Business Analysis


Dazs Yang

Company: AB Taiwan Ltd. Taiwan Branch

Job title: HR Manager

Expertise: Gamification in Training


Jeannie Liu

Company: Mercer, LLC.

Job title: Vice President

Expertise: Workforce Analytics / Compensation and Benefits / Expatriate Management 



Joseph Cheng

Company: Yanguo Learn Co.,Ltd.

Job title: CEO

Expertise: Training Design / Micro Learning



Thank Lai

Company: cyberinfo

Job title: HR Manager

Expertise: Social Recruiting / Employer Branding



Charles Lu

Company: HRfriday

Job title: Founder /CEO

Expertise: Social Networking / HR Development

James Chien

Company: MAYO Human Capital Inc.

Job title: CEO

Expertise: Cloud based system / Software as a Service (SaaS) / Mobile Applications

Rich Pei

Company: Yuchuang B.M. Consulting

Job title: General Manager

Expertise: AIoT / Digital Transformation



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