Computational Thinking and STEM Workshop @ MIT

Poster:Lin Jie-Mao Post date:2019-09-11

Computational Thinking (CT) has gained more attention from policy makers and educators globally. In university, CS+X refers to computer science in any domain, implying that computational thinking becomes an indispensable literacy for the students. Computational thinking and STEM also become an important part in K-12, which is taught to a large scale of the students in the primary or secondary schools. The interdisciplinary study is a trend of current education, and STEM is the most famous one of interdisciplinary studies. 


Governments, educational authorities and schools are introducing computational thinking education in the different levels of education. From September 2014, the UK national curriculum was intended to introduce children to computational thinking from an early age of 5 or 6. Finland has outlined that coding is one of the learning skills – just like reading, writing, counting and drawing. In Hong Kong, CoolThink@JC, a four- year initiative of the Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, was launched in 2016 to empower the city’s primary school teachers and students with computational thinking skills. MIT conducts this project in recent years. In 2017, Singapore’s Ministry of Education implemented a new curriculum for the Computing subject in 19 schools. From August 2019, computational thinking will become the kernel of the compulsory education in the subject of information technology in the secondary school in Taiwan. The new curriculum is a distinct shift teaching students informal activities (clubs, code for fun, extracurricular activities et al.) as well as formal school education to develop students’ Computational Thinking (CT) literacy. 


The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum where international participants can share knowledge, experiences and concerns on the diversified implementations of CT or STEM in school education and explore directions for future research collaborations. In addition, it is welcome to utilize app Inventor as the main media involving in the computational thinking or STEM education.

For more information about this workshop, please see the file attached. 

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